Stunning ‘World War Z’ Concept Art Burns a City to the Ground

By  · Published on June 19th, 2013

It was a piece of concept art that got me (and many more) excited about a “World War Z” movie in the first place. For everyone who’d read Max Brooks’ beautifully thorough oral history, it was a little hard to imagine it translating well to film, though. With a ton of different voices, an after-the-fact central focus and a labyrinthine structure, Brooks’ academic recounting of the times surrounding “The Great Panic” didn’t seem like a good fit for a movie (unless Ken Burns was going to direct).

The Brad Pitt-starring film coming out this weekend seems to confirm that. Many, many elements from the book have been changed – including the elimination of the historical perspective in favor of placing us into the immediate danger – but even if it’s an In Name Only Adaptation, World War Z still looks impressive on a lot of levels. One of them is its visuals.

To celebrate the film’s look, “World War Z: The Art of the Film” is out, and we have an exclusive look at 4 of the images tucked away in its binding. Enjoy, but remember to wipe the brain matter from your lips when you’re done.

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