‘Stranger Things’ Returning for Season 3 on Netflix

Netflix has officially announced the renewal of Stranger Things. I bet you never saw that coming. 
Stranger Things
By  · Published on December 1st, 2017

Netflix has officially announced the renewal of Stranger Things. I bet you never saw that coming.

Stranger Things takes place in the fictional Hawkins, Indiana where the government has conducted experiments on children and opened up a doorway to the mysterious Upside Down. At the center of it all is a girl named Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who has special powers to fight the creatures that come from the other side. It was never a matter of if they were going to continue Stranger Things, but more a matter of when. The children are not going to stop growing so starting production ASAP is always a consideration for these types of things. It would almost make more sense to film season 3 and a possible season 4 at the same time. Here is the tweet that makes the renewal official:

We’ve written extensively about the events of season 2 and what we might expect from a new season featuring our favorite kids from Indiana. Perhaps the biggest problem of season 2 was that Eleven barely interacted with the main cast for the entirety of the show. Her connection with Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and the other children was a driving point of what made Stranger Things so engaging. They tried to fix her absence with a new character (Sadie Sink’s Max), but the chemistry was a little off.

The Duffer Brothers are probably going to return and continue what they set up with the end of season 2. There is a lot more creative freedom in your storytelling when you know the show is going to be picked up for another season. The biggest question perhaps is when will we see the new season. It will likely drop around Halloween in 2018 if Netflix wants to continue that style. The only issue might be that the novelty of having the show take place during Halloween might wear thin. Nevertheless, Stranger Things is officially returning for season 3 and now comes the hard part, waiting.

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