‘Stranger Things 2’ Trailer: Hope You Still Have That Baseball Bat

Eleven is back! Along with plenty of creepy crawlers of the Upside Down.
By  · Published on October 13th, 2017

Eleven is back! Along with plenty of creepy crawlers of the Upside Down.

We’ve all heard about the success Stranger Things is. Nowhere is that more apparent than the newest trailer for Stranger Things 2. It looks like the budget has been increased tenfold and that is a marvelous thing.

Netflix has chosen Friday the 13th to unleash the final trailer for Stranger Things 2. Seems like a perfect fit, especially considering the series love of movies and references. This new trailer provides plenty of answers right away. First of all, surprising no one is the return of Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown). She has deemed missing at the end of season 1 and although characters held out hope for her return nothing was definite. Now we have confirmation of Eleven’s return to the series.

There are plenty of other big reveals in the trailer as well. Will (Noah Schnapp) is still feeling the lingering effects of being in the Upside Down for so long. His connections to that place might be the key to survival for everyone else. Talking about S U R V I V E, it sounds like another brand new track was shown off in the new trailer and its a doozy. They were the band responsible for the first season score and if the trailer music and the new track released yesterday is anything to go, Stranger Things 2 is going to have a killer score.

We are incredibly eager to find out what’s been going on with all the character since the first season. We also can’t wait to see cast additions such as Sean Astin (Goonies, Lord of the Rings) join the mystery. It’s a good thing Steve (Joe Keery) still has his baseball bat with the nails in it. We have some idea of what the season might hold as Netflix released new episode titles this week, but there are plenty of mysteries to be solved as well including where the heck to Eleven go off too and how is she back?

We’ll find out when Stranger Things 2 launches on Netflix on October 27th.

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