‘Stonados’ is the Latest Film to Sound Vaguely Like ‘Sharknado’

By  · Published on October 18th, 2013

We may be witnessing the birth of a new film genre- the “natural disaster combines with something not normally associated with natural disaster” movie. Sharknado took the world by storm (a storm that, not surprisingly, is full of sharks), but the seminal sea-life-flung-through-the-air-at-100mph film has opened the floodgates for similar schlock. First came Avalanche Sharks, and now Syfy adds another name to the list- Stonados.

It’s an idea so simple I’m surprised no one’s thought of it before. A tornado sputters to life and begins volleying boulders (boulders that also explode like grenades, for some reason) at the city of Boston, and a rugged, action-hero weatherman must use all his meteorological knowledge to stop it. Stonados was originally set to premiere on Syfy back in April- which means it actually predates Sharknado as the first “tornados throwing things they don’t normally throw” film- but after the bombing of the Boston Marathon, Syfy put it on hold indefinitely. Now that the April bombing isn’t such a raw wound and there’s a Sharknado craze to capitalize on, Stonados is back for all the world to see. Deadline reports that the film will be airing on Saturday, November 23, so mark it down on your calendars and start preparing those boulder-themed snacks in advance.

You can check out an older trailer for Stonados below, but be warned: there’s a fair amount of spoilers contained within. Those who want to view Stonados’ intricately-plotted narrative with fresh eyes may not want to watch.