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Steven Spielberg Says ‘Tintin’ Sequel Will Happen Whether You Want It Or Not (Psst! You Want It)

Another ‘Adventures of Tintin’ film is still moving forward with Peter Jackson at the helm.
The Adventures Of Tintin
By  · Published on March 26th, 2018

Another ‘Adventures of Tintin’ film is still moving forward with Peter Jackson at the helm.

Hollywood these days is in the business of reviving seemingly long forgotten projects. Whether we want them or not, apparently. It’s never too late for a Dumb and Dumber To or a Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday. If Norman Bates can continue his misadventures 23 years after the original Psycho, there’s no reason The Adventures of Tintin can’t pick up the treasure hunt a mere 10 years later.

As reported by The Playlist, while making the publicity rounds for Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg assured us that the Tintin sequel will still happen. He told this to Premiere France, and they certainly have more emotional investment in the Belgian comic book character than American audiences. Hergé’s cartoon creation is a bonafide global phenomenon, and while Spielberg’s film earned only $73 million domestically, its international box office succeeded $296 million. In the few years since the film’s release, worldwide sales have only become more significant to Hollywood eyes, and another cinematic adventure for Tintin seems like a sure bet.

What took so long? For one thing, Peter Jackson was always meant to direct the follow-up. He got a little distracted with the Hobbit trilogy, and he’s currently plugging away on a massive documentary detailing the horrors of the First World War. That film is expected to premiere at the BFI Film Festival in October. Could Tintin be next on deck?

Spielberg says we have to be patient, but the production is gaining steam:

“Peter Jackson has to do the second part. Normally, if all goes well, he will soon start working on the script. As it takes two years of animation work on the film, I wouldn’t expect to see it be released for at least another three years. But Peter will stick with it. Tintin is not dead!”

As was the case with The Adventures of Tintin, the sequel would adapt multiple storylines from the comics. This time around, Spielberg and Jackson are jamming “The Seven Crystal Balls” and “Prisoners of the Sun” together. The first story concerns a mysterious illness that plagues a group of explorers after they return from an expedition in the Andes. The second focuses on the kidnapping of Professor Calculus by Incan descendants with Tintin and Captain Haddock in hot pursuit.

While Spielberg’s original film doesn’t occupy much conversation in the current fan community, I’ve always argued for its defense. The Adventures of Tintin is possibly Spielberg’s most exhilarating action experience since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In embracing its motion-capture animation, Spielberg delivers one of his best set pieces as Tintin and Captain Haddock chase down a stolen scroll through the rollercoaster streets of Bagghar. That continuous digital shot is a woozy and thrilling ride that showcases the very best of Spielberg’s gifts (watch it below). The spirit of Indiana Jones may not have survived The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but it can absolutely be found within The Adventures of Tintin.

The cast shouldn’t be too difficult to round up, and it’s not like they have to worry about aging. Jamie Bell was the perfect Tintin, and hopefully Andy Serkis is not too tired of those skintight mo-cap suits just yet. I’m always ready to debate the validity of his special brand of performance, and his Captain Haddock serves some delicious, thespian scenery-chewing. Not the most obvious choice for a Best Supporting Actor nom, but if Jack Sparrow can sneak his way in, then so can Haddock. Ridiculousness aside, Serkis re-teaming with Peter Jackson alone is enough to get this dork excited.

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