Steve Niles Wants to Bring Back That 70s Horror Feel With ‘Wake The Dead’

By  · Published on January 24th, 2011

Wake The Dead has had a moderately long road to production (and it’s not there yet) which is why news of a new company taking it over should be taken with a pinch of bittersweet salt. Steve Niles’s comic book pass at the Frankenstein story that features med students fooling around with the dead was at Dimension for a while, then Jay Russell (Ladder 49) was going to direct it, and now it’s landed in the lap of Slash.

Yes, the guitarist from Guns N Roses. The awesomely talented one with the top hat.

According to Hero Complex, the axeman has started his started his own production company called Slasher Films, and Wake The Dead will be one of the first productions.

This is great news. An adaptation of the comic could be like Flatliners and Dawn of the Dead met somewhere in the middle of the operating table, but Niles is quoted in the piece as wanting to evoke the tone of the 1970s horror flicks. Maybe he should call up Ti West.

Slasher will be partnering with Scout Productions (Session 9) to make the movie.

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