‘Step Up: All In’ Trailer: Is Your Favorite Dancer Back for More Wild Jamming?

By  · Published on March 21st, 2014

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Are you ready to step up? Are you ready to go all in? Are you ready to step, um, into the, well, allness? How about this – are you a fan of the Step Up franchise? Then there’s no question that you’re pumped, jazzed, and foxtrotted for the next installment in the heart-pounding dance series. Titled Step Up: All In, the fifth film in the franchise expands out the universe in the best way possible – by pulling it all together.

The franchise has long been loosely linked together – either by place or by character – and the next film in the series is looking to really drive home that point. This go-round, a whole mess of fan favorites are back to compete in a massive dance battle in Las Vegas (the franchise has already zinged from Baltimore to New York City to Miami, so why not hit the left coast?). Plenty of familiar faces will be returning for the new film, and it looks like Step Up: All In is the kind of fan-pleasing sequel installment that really, truly wants to deliver. Who do you recognize from the film’s first trailer?

Talk about putting a crew together.

Yup, this is a star-studded affair, at least as it applies to Step Up fans. You probably recognize just about everyone in this first trailer, from Briana Evigan to Ryan Guzman to Twitch Boss to Alyson Stoner (she was just a child in the first film) to fan favorite Adam Sevani (Moooooose!). Basically, if you’ve loved even one of the Step Up films, Step Up: All In has something for you.

We cannot wait.

And, yes, Moose, it does always have to end with a big, giant dance battle. We would not have it any other way.

Step Up: All In opens on July 25th.