Start Your Engines: A Montage of Cinematic Driving at Night

More than an action, it’s an emotion.
By  · Published on May 23rd, 2017

More than an action, it’s an emotion.

There’s something so cinematic about driving at night. It’s the balance between darkness and light, the encroaching black all around you pierced by the headlight beams, the traffic lights, the streetlights, the glints of neon in the buildings and business you pass. Nightdriving is simultaneously serene and sinister, it’s a reflection of a haunted mind, a restless spirit, and a troubled soul. Travis Bickle, Lou Bloom, The Driver, nightdrivers one and all.

In this montage from Aletranco – a debut montage, at that – the best bits of nightdriving from films like Drive, Taxi Driver, Nightcrawler, Nocturnal Animals, The Big Lebowski and others have been cinematically sewn together into a graceful and ominously contemplative stream of conflicted consciousness. The result will make you want to grab your keys and set out on a twilight sojourn of your own.


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