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The Adventures of Michael Burnham Will Continue as Star Trek: Discovery Gets Season Two

Star Trek: Discovery will go where many Trek shows have been before, the second season.
By  · Published on October 23rd, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery will go where many Trek shows have been before, the second season.

Star Trek: Discovery marks the first Star Trek television franchise in twelve years. It looks as though it will be around for a little bit longer as CBS announced this morning that Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for season 2. The announcement comes after the sixth episode in the series aired on Sunday night. It is expected that showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg who replaced Bryan Fuller will return for the second season.

In their press release, CBS said of the renewal:

In just six episodes, Star Trek: Discovery has driven subscriber growth, critical acclaim and huge global fan interest for the first premium version of this great franchise. This series has a remarkable creative team and cast who have demonstrated their ability to carry on the Star Trek legacy.

Apparently, CBS is pleased with how many subscribers Star Trek: Discovery has drawn to their new streaming service CBS All-Access and is the current crown jewel of the service. The first season of Discovery is split into two parts. The first part currently airing will wrap up on November 12th, while the rest of the season will start in January 2018.

Discovery features mutineer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) who serves on the USS Discovery after her sabotage ignited the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. The cast also includes Doug Jones, Jason Isaacs, Anthony Rapp, Michelle Yeoh, Shazad Latif, Mary Wiseman, Mary Chieffo, James Frain.

Many of Star Trek’s most successful shows had a few seasons to really find their footing. If you look back on the first two seasons of The Next Generation, it wasn’t the show that ended up being a series classic for many fans. CBS is giving Star Trek: Discovery the time it needs to grow into something really special. This could work out great for everyone involved, including fans, that might not like where the show has been heading lately.

The only issue is that this show is a lot more time consuming and costly than many other shows currently airing. Producer Alex Kurtzman spoke to THR about the first season is going and a little bit about Fuller leaving the production, but they also got into a discussion about what a possible season 2 would look like.  Kurtzman said they do have some early planning in place for season 2, but that the show wouldn’t be ready to air the second season until early 2019 at the earliest. So it would be a little longer than most shows, but certainly within the realm of possibility. As long as it doesn’t take as long as something like Sherlock, it should work out fine. Look forward to the continuing adventures of Star Trek: Discovery as we are certainly getting a second season.

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