‘Spring Breaker’s International Trailer Gets Aggressive

By  · Published on February 4th, 2013

‘Spring Breaker’s International Trailer Gets Aggressive

So far, the decade-long advertising campaign for Spring Breakers has felt a little twee. A little tongue-in-cheek. The Harmony Korine pedigree fully in tact, it still felt a bit like the gimmick of fitting former Disney stars for bikinis was all it really had going for it in the attention grabbing department. James Franco playing a cartoon character with bad cornrows didn’t help too much either.

Fortunately, the official international trailer has a bit more bite to it. It might be the freedom found in foul language, but the focus on ennui and violence makes this feel a lot more like, well, a Harmony Korine film.

Check it out for yourself:

Gone is the candy-coated oblivion that pockmarked the other trailers. With this one, there can be no mistake that the movie is not meant for Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens fans. At least not the ones who haven’t earned a license to operate a vehicle yet.

Still, it won’t be until March 22nd that we find out whether this is really a movie or some sort of long-game prank. Can’t wait.

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