Sony Points Its Bat to the Bleachers and ‘Spider-Man 2’ to a May 2014 Release Date

By  · Published on August 5th, 2011

With almost exactly 11 months to go before The Amazing-Spider Man hits screens in July, Sony is already staking its claim to May 2, 2014 to release the second installment.

An unnamed Sony executive told Deadline Downtown, “I think it speaks volumes about our confidence in what we are seeing on the new film and our desire to move quickly on the next installment.”

Confidence, yes. Plus, they lose nothing by announcing it this early. They get a boost in buzz, and they never even have to fulfill that promise if they don’t see the need to. What it truly shows is a commitment toward building this franchise back up no matter what audience response is. And why not? The Amazing Spider-Man will undoubtedly make a large amount of money, and as we’ve seen with Warners and Green Lantern, even losing money isn’t a deterrent to studios who are determined to get more superheroes into theaters.

If they were really confident, they’d set a date for Amazing Spider-Man 3. 2016, baby!

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