Something’s Startling Adam Scott On This ‘A.C.O.D.’ Poster

By  · Published on August 9th, 2013

Fans of Adam Scott, this one’s for you. The actor is front and center on the newly released poster for A.C.O.D. (That’s Adult Children of Divorce), set against a simple, if not harshly yellow backdrop. And he’s clearly horrified by something happening off camera.

As he should be. Scott plays Carter in the Stu Zicherman-directed film, about a man who has to reunite his bitterly divorced parents, who haven’t even spoken in years, for his little brother’s impending nuptials. It’s getting great reviews from its run at Sundance (read our own Allison Loring’s Sundance review here). Zicherman told Entertainment Weekly, which released the image, why he felt that the poster worked, “It’s an ensemble, but Adam is sort of in every scene and is at the center of the family hurricane that is the movie,” he said. “We’d tried a bunch of posters with all the different [actors], and it just felt like this image summed up the notion of the surprises and the chaos of being an A.C.O.D.”

The film also stars Richard Jenkins and Catherine O’Hara as Scott’s parents, his Parks and Rec wife Amy Poehler as his stepmother, and a supporting cast that includes Clark Duke, Jessica Alba, Jane Lynch, and Adam Pally.

To me, though, the poster is just too reminiscent of those Judd Apatow posters they used to release for movies like The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. White dude looking vaguely horrified/uncomfortable somewhere off camera, up against a blank backdrop? I had to make sure this wasn’t an Apatow-produced film first, and it came up clean.

A.C.O.D is in theaters this October.