SNL Writer Takes Will Ferrell to El ‘Casa de Mi Padre’

By  · Published on August 11th, 2010

It was the strangest news of last week. Will Ferrell was announcing his involvement in a Spanish language comedy that would be subtitled in English. The film, Casa de Mi Padre, had nothing but a name. No director. No plot announced. No gaffer hired yet.

Now, at least the veil of secrecy on the director’s seat has lifted. It’s going to be SNL writer and Funny or Die Presents…director Matt Piedmont taking the helm for his first feature film. For some reason, they probably didn’t have enough money (or beers) to hire Pearl to direct.

It may be a first for Piedmont, but he’s already directed a dozen Funny or Die Presents…and he was a writer on SNL for nearly 120 episodes. His feature chops have yet to be seen, but he’s definitely no slouch.

Plus, it’ll be nice to have some fresh eyes take on Will Ferrell ‐ especially if it’s going to be in a foreign language.

And I just figured it out. This is all a ruse to nab that coveted spot as the United States’ entry into the Best Foreign Film category isn’t it? [Production Weekly]

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