Slice of Fried Gold: The Jam-Packed Interactive ‘Shaun of the Dead’ Script

By  · Published on August 5th, 2013

With hand-drawn title pages, trailers, storyboards, BTS pictures and more, this interactive script for Shaun of the Dead is a great artifact to get lost in for an afternoon. It’s also another solid excuse (like anyone needs one) for watching the movie again.

One of my favorite elements is the list of ideas for actions and weapon choices in the fight with Bloody Mary. “Fem Zombie Discovers Ed’s Porn” is a gem to be treasured almost as much as the pictures of Edgar Wright displaying sheer joy at the sight of his undead hordes. Definitely entertaining in its nostalgia, there’s a lot to learn, too – both for fans and for prospective writers looking for a detailed script to break down. Of course, the commentary track had its fair share of trivia, but I’m insanely glad to see Focus Features put this out there (for free) in anticipation of the chapter that ends what Shaun began.

Also, if anyone can figure out how to work “You’ve got red on you,” and “Read this script” into a pun, please let me know how. I’ve puzzled over it for ten minutes, drawing a blank. Thanks in advance.

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