Slash Invites You to Help Fund His New Horror Film The Hell Within

By  · Published on July 13th, 2015

Slash Fiction

Remember how Slash, the iconic guitarist from Guns N’ Roses, makes horror movies? Of course he does, because if Rob Zombie can, then why not other heavy metal celebrities? But maybe you forgot about Slash and his Slash Fiction shingle, though, because he is merely a producer of his movies, and also his first, 2013’s Nothing Left to Fear, was far from celebrated upon its release (Rob called it “a mostly unoriginal affair” with “the occasional fresh angle”). It actually only has one positive review listed on Rotten Tomatoes.

Well, he’s back with another effort, this one titled The Hell Within, and it could be a little better. Screenwriter Jeff Buhler wrote the fairly liked The Midnight Meat Train and his “J is for Jesus” segment for The ABCs of Death 2 with this new movie’s director, Dennison Ramalho, is a critical favorite from the anthology feature. Slash has to be hoping there are enough fans who think so, since The Hell Within is seeing financial assistance through a crowdfunding campaign.

Rather than hitting Kickstarter or Indiegogo, this movie’s efforts are set up at FanBacked. That’s the same site Zombie recently used to crowdfund his next feature, 31. Apparently they have an option to hide results of how much is being taken in from the crowd because neither Zombie’s nor Slash’s provide such an amount. They could be a kind of campaign allowed via FanBacked where there is no goal but there is still a deadline – for The Hell Within, that’s 88 days from now.

Check out Slash’s invitation to help pay for his movie accompanied by a sneak preview:

And if that trailer is too ambiguous about what it’s about, here’s the synopsis for The Hell Within via the campaign site:

The Hell Within follows a woman from New York on a quest into the heart of the Brazilian jungle to save a missing girl, only to discover that the child was just the beginning.

MARIE and her husband DAVID live a charmed life in Manhattan. He’s a successful environmental attorney and she’s built an international aid organization that helps families in need across South America.

The only thing missing is a child.

When they start receiving disturbing phone calls from TERESA, a young girl in Brazil pleading for help, Marie can’t shake the feeling these calls are connected to her charity. She convinces David to travel with her to Rio to locate the missing girl and soon a series of strange events and a shocking suicide lead them into the heart of the jungle.

Marie and David find themselves isolated in Seringal, a village overrun with drug runners and lost souls, steeped in ritual and superstition. And as David falls ill to a mysterious disease, Marie begins to realize that the missing child was only the beginning of “The Hell Within”.

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