Slamdance 2015: Batkid Begins is Obviously Adorable and Heartwarming From Start to Finish

By  · Published on January 25th, 2015

KTF Films

Kurt Kuenne’s best-known film is Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father, which is famous for being possibly the most gut-wrenching documentary of all time. He made a lot of people weep with devastation with that one, and now he’s got a new doc that will have you crying happy tears instead. Kuenne is not the director of Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World — that would be Dana Nachman — but his hand in its making, as co-writer and editor, is definitely significant. And that’s good for him, as it kind of balances out his earlier film’s heartbreaking story with one that’s extremely heartwarming.

In case you were living under a rock back in November 2013, “Batkid” was a five-year-old boy who became a worldwide phenomenon when the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted his desire to be the Caped Crusader, and more than 10,000 people helped to turn San Francisco into “Gotham City by the Bay” for a staged crime-fighting event. Not only were streets shut down so that the little leukemia survivor could pretend to accompany the “real” Batman and help to thwart the Penguin and the Riddler and save a damsel in distress, but the costumed kid, whose real name is Miles Scott, also received the key to the city from Mayor Ed Lee and a personal message from President Obama.


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