The Simple Rules Making Pixar Characters Memorable

The Incredibles
By  · Published on November 7th, 2017

The animation giant has an easy structure keeping its characters driven.

Pixar’s current status as a franchise factory wasn’t always its primary function. There used to be tons of memorable, groundbreaking characters leaping from the screen thanks to the innovative animation studio. Characters much more engaging than anyone from The Good Dinosaur.

Much of these characters’ charms come from the script, even if Woody, Wall-e, and other, are delightfully animated. Developing personality is hard to do with human characters, but Pixar was able to insert drive, emotion, and humor into robots, toys, cars, and dogs. Creating inner lives for these isn’t easy to do, but doing so gets to the absolute core rules of writing characters.

Studio Binder curated these rules alongside some fun animation and interview clips from Pixar bigwigs to remind us of what animated characters can bring to us and how important good writing is to cinema of all forms.

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