‘Simon Killer’ Trailer: It’s Really Too Bad About That Title

By  · Published on February 23rd, 2013

If Antonio CamposSimon Killer didn’t, oh, have the word “killer” in its title, the film’s first trailer ‐ a stylish and slick little diddy ‐ would be far more interesting. As is, it’s two minutes of us wondering, “well, just when is this guy going to kill someone?” We’ll spare you the waiting ‐ Brady Corbet doesn’t kill anyone in this trailer, but he does wander around Paris and go to a ton of dance clubs (watch those strobe lights if you’re light sensitive) and try to cure a supposedly broken heart by way of plunging into a relationship with a sexy prostitute (Mati Diop).

Campos’ film first premiered way back at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, where it divided critics left and right. Is it a finely nuanced character study with major bite? Or a gaudy little trifle that takes itself far too seriously? We’ll all just have to decide later this year, when the film finally hits theaters, thanks to IFC Films. At the very least, Simon Killer could become infamous for strobe-induced in-theater pass-outs.

Get out your glowsticks and check out the first trailer for Simon Killer after the break.

Simon Killer hits theaters on April 5th. [Apple]