Should the New ‘RoboCop’ Look the Same as the Old ‘RoboCop’?

By  · Published on September 16th, 2012

Elite Squad director José Padilha’s RoboCop just began principal photography, but for the past few weeks things have not been looking up for this mostly unwanted PG-13 remake. There was word over Padilha being pushed around behind-the-scenes, that the script is a disaster, and the fantastic prospect of Hugh Laurie terrorizing the futuristic cop was killed. So, after a string of disappointing news, this first-look at Joel Kinnaman rocking the new RoboCop gear isn’t helping matters.

Check out Kinnaman looking more like a superhero than a man whose shot up body bits are being reused as a symbol of facism, and while you’re at it, read why that’s a bad thing:

Apparently Padilha’s update pokes fun at the original RoboCop suit, but with this not-so-chic look, it’s not really in any position to criticize. There’s an undeniable originality to Rob Bottin’s earlier design, so to throw his work under the bus feels completely wrong-headed, especially when comparing it to this.

Why change a design so perfect and distinct? You can keep the original suit without making your remake a carbon copy. Changing RoboCop’s suit is like getting rid of Jason’s hockey mask or Freddy Krueger’s whole getup. It just doesn’t feel right. People, even non-nerds, know what RoboCop looks like, so why change that when you’re attempting to cash in on the familiar?

What’s so great about the original RoboCop design is how it isn’t conventionally cool. The suit is clunky, off-putting, and a work in progress. Based on this update, they’re not aiming for any of those descriptions. They’re going for conventional coolness, which just means having a really, really ultra-black suit.

Unlike the original, there’s nothing horrifying about it. Who wouldn’t want to jump into that suit?

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