Short of the Day: ‘Tibs’ Reveals the Sadistic Monster Inside Every Doting Housecat

Feline horror in two minutes – you can’t go wrong.
By  · Published on June 12th, 2017

Feline horror in two minutes – you can’t go wrong.

I’ve had cats for most of my adult life, and most of my adult life I’ve also lived in a rural environment. Which means on a semi-regular basis I’m treated to the discovery of dead things in my house dragged in by my cats, mostly mice, though last week one of them brought home a live bird. That was fun.

As gross as this stuff is, it’s also oddly endearing, because you know it’s a sign of love and respect from your cat, they’re bringing you their bounty, sharing the spoils of their hunt with you, their god, or at least their caregiver.

You see how this is the perfect set-up for a horror film, right?

Writer Andy Preston and director Sam Huntley did, and the result is Tibs, a bite-size slice of horror about the titular feline (Millie) and her escalating hunting prowess. You might think you know how this ends, and indeed you might be right, but the way Huntley gets you there is delightfully dread-inducing and well-worth the watch. For cat lovers, cat haters, and anyone who enjoys a good hunt.

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