Short of the Day: ‘Superior’ Delves into the Twin Bond with Sinister Results

A remarkable film about identity and individualism.
By  · Published on May 31st, 2017

A remarkable film about identity and individualism.

Twins – especially identical twins – share a bond that the rest of us can never fully understand. To go through life with a mirror image, an extension of yourself, raises issues of identity and individualism most other folks never have to entertain. Having a sibling isn’t the same as having a twin, in the former you might see parts of yourself, but in the latter you literally see yourself, it’s like having an alternate lifeline right in front of you.

Most twins establish an equality between themselves, while some others define their relationship in conflict, one twin trying to establish themselves as the dominant, or superior self. This is the jumping-off notion for the short film Superior from director Erin Vassilopoulos that stars real-life identical twins Alessandra and Anamari Mesa as a pair of sheltered siblings whose equanimity is threatened by the arrival of a handsome stranger.

Part dark comedy, part intense character study, part exploration of familial dependence, and laced with tinges of horror, Superior is an unnerving delight, an emotional tour-de-force, and a revelation I’d stick on my shelf next to the work of Yorgos Lanthimos and Todd Solondz. The Mesa sisters bring such a stark and intimate verisimilitude to the film, luring you into their shared headspace and a slowly escalating turmoil that softly crescendos with deafening resonance. Vassilopoulos is an intriguing artist, a rare bird indeed, one who seems to understand the intricasies of the human heart as well as she does its absurdities, and I for one am chomping at the bit to see what she does next. Predict in a few minutes you will be too.


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