Short of the Day: ‘Lunar’ Revisits the Moon Landing from a Brand-New Perspective

A stop-motion documentary.
By  · Published on June 27th, 2017

A stop-motion documentary.

The NASA moon landing of 1969 was one of the most watched events in the history of television, with hundreds of millions of eyes glued to the boob tube as Neil Armstrong and crew made that historic “giant leap.” Even if you weren’t alive in 1969 – which I’m guessing most folks reading this weren’t – you’ve still seen the footage time and again, we all have, it’s called 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I’m just kidding, that’s crazy talk.

Anyway, point is, the moon landing is one of those cultural moments everyone can recall, either from actual memory or memory of the footage, but in the new short film Lunar, both types of folks, a.k.a. everyone, gets a brand-new look at this monumental achievement.

The film comes from Motion Designer Christian Stangl and his brother, composer Wolfgang Stangl, and what they did was to take thousands of photographs of the landing from NASA’s Project Apollo Archive, a free database, and then order them into a stop-motion short film that is as beautiful as it is fascinating, both familiar and foreign, and guaranteed to spark a reinvigorated interest in our navigation of the heavens.

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