Short of the Day: ‘Your Lucky Day’ is a Dark Reversal of Fortune

A lottery film Shirley Jackson would love.
By  · Published on June 23rd, 2017

A lottery film Shirley Jackson would love.

To a lot of folks, winning the lottery is a dream. In reality, though, it’s often a nightmare. Money is truly the root of all evil, and even if you as a lottery winner aren’t susceptible to the personality changes that come with sudden and immense wealth, chances are those around you are not. The number one complaint of everyone who’s ever won a substantial lottery is that people come out of the woodwork asking for money: family close and distant, friends old and new, acquaintances all sizes, co-workers, charities, people seeking investment, lone crazy folks et cetera. No one admires success like that, of that magnitude, they envy it, they covet it, and meet the right person at the wrong time, they’ll take it.

That’s the situation that kicks off Your Lucky Day, a 2010 dramatic short film from writer-director Dan Brown that stars Rider Strong (Boy Meets World) as a young thug who happens to be in a convenience store when an old man discovers he’s just hit a $156 million jackpot. This is the first narrative domino to topples, and from here in swift succession they all fall down. A tragedy of errors, Your Lucky Day proves no one is impervious to greed and even the best among us will resort to terrible things in the face of total financial freedom.

A word of warning, this film is rated MATURE for language, violence, and a bit of vintage nudity. And a fun bonus: notice director Lynn Shelton (Your Sister’s Sister, Humpday, Casual) as an EMT.

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