Short of the Day: ‘The Last Exhibition’ Plays with Art, Perspective, and Space Travel

An animated thinker of a short.
By  · Published on May 17th, 2017

An animated thinker of a short.

Art is subjective; we’re all film fans, we know this. It comes down to one’s personal perspective – who you are, where you’re from (physically and intellectually), and how you see the world – which then informs the interpretation of art, which in turn leads to the final impression it makes upon us. Though there are commonalities in interpretation, none of us experience art in the exact same way, it resonates differently for different people, it is as individually tailored as the person in whose brain it first arose. That’s what makes art, real art, so enduring, it is for all of us and each of us at the same time, it is a universal particular.

This concept of personal perspective is the theme being played with in the following animated short The Last Exhibition from Jonathan Djob Nkondo, in which one man’s art is another being’s intergalactic getaway ride. It’s a succinct short, only two minutes long, that plays like a Tintin adventure as scripted by Salvador Dali dealing with the concepts of art, interpretation, and actuality.

When you’re finished here, be sure to hit up Nkondo’s Vimeo page for his other work, including the companion short The First Exhibition, and while you’re there go ahead and follow him so you’re sure not to miss any of the upcoming shorts he’s got in development.


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