Short of the Day: Elvis, Marilyn, Godzilla, Aliens, and Rockabilly – This is ‘Scary Prairie’

An animated fable of insane proportions.
By  · Published on August 9th, 2017

An animated fable of insane proportions.

Imagine if you will a western starring Elvis Presley opposite Marilyn Monroe. That in and of itself would be amazing, but then imagine you add an alien, a nuclear bomb, Godzilla, and a twist ending that – despite all the unpredictable insanity thus far – you really never see coming, and you’ll have the greatest film ever conceived, pretty much.

Alas, such an artifact doesn’t really exist, but an imagined version (of sorts) is here courtesy of writer-director-animator Erik Winkowski. The film is called Scary Prairie, and though it’s just over one minute long, it is packed with a visual-driven narrative that encompasses nearly every genre out there. Winkowski’s cut-out animation has a bizarrely hypnotic effect, and he’s got the camp factor cranked to 11, making Scary Prairie a little like a drug trip, but a cool one.

The inventiveness is off the charts here, and the visuals match the wacky narrative, told sans dialogue and to the catchy rockabilly tunes of Billy Lilly and Friends. Scary Prairie is bombastic, hyper, bold, and just the right kind of crazy. Take the time to let it blow your mind.

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