Short of the Day: ‘It Eats You Up’ Announces a Bold New Talent

Remember the name Kassim Norris.
By  · Published on May 16th, 2017

Remember the name Kassim Norris.


The best short films unfurl like a flower at dawn, quick but steady when kissed by the light, each second revealing the beauty and life tucked away inside. If that sounds a bit poetic, blame It Eats You Up, the graceful, stark, and stirring short film we’re showcasing today from director-cinematographer Kassim Norris.

A minimalist mystery, It Eats You Up deals with a pair of protagonists, one a convict serving time (Michael Officer) and the other a woman (Ja-Tuan Tiara) who has some connection to him. Norris is intentionally vague with the details, which creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and tension relieved by a prison visit in which the truth is finally freed.

Bolstered by riveting performances and a simple, almost documentary-like visual style, It Eats You Up arrests your attention from the first instant and keeps it cuffed all the way to the final moments, when the gut-punch of its totality leaves you dazzled, dazed, and under the indisputable impression you’ve just witnessed something powerful.

Oh, and by the way? It Eats You Up is Norris’ first film. Yeah. Expect greatness.


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