‘Bad Boyz II Men in Black;’ Nuff Said

By  · Published on April 26th, 2017

Oh yeah, it’s from the director of ’Kong: Skull Island’

I don’t mean to be hyperbolic, but today’s Short of the Day is one of the greatest things mine eyes have ever beheld. It comes from Jordan Vogt-Roberts who, besides having the raddest beard in all of Hollywood — sorry Joaquin — is also the director of two features you might have heard of: 2013’s Kings of Summer, and this year’s Kong: Skull Island.

But before he was conquering the box office, Vogt-Roberts was just another guy on Vimeo, albeit a ridiculously talented guy. And in one of his earlier works that became a Staff Pic sensation on the website, he combined two of my favorite things in the world — Bad Boys and Boyz II Men — with another thing I can tolerate, Men in Black, to create the short masterpiece Bad Boyz II Men in Black, essentially an action-packed, shoot-em-up music video which was made back in 2012 for the Comedy Central show Mash Up. And yes, that’s Nick Cannon. He’s hilarious.

If you dig any of the mentioned sources, those Call of Duty commercials with celebrities, or, you know, really awesome shit, you need to stop reading me and start watching Bad Boyz II Men In Black. Oh, and good luck getting the song out of your head. I’ve been walking around the office with “and they just might be a-lee-uhuhuns” in my head all day.

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