SFotD: ‘Waste’ Fills the World with Amazing Pop-Up Paper Monsters

By  · Published on April 19th, 2013

Why Watch? Dropping us into a world of vibrant creativity and trippy slackerism, this playful short from Anton Groves uses some fantastic design work to translate the hectic inner world of a loser into a place that we can see.

Dan’s (Mihai Stanescu) reality is inhabited by monsters that look like an arts and crafts nightmare, looming everywhere he goes and symbolizing his greatest flaws. We get to learn all about him through the voice over of a young woman (Ana Ularu) who takes a romantic interest in him (probably for the stubble) and seems all too aware of the inventive decorations that cloud his mind.

Fun and breezy, just about every scene is sourly milked for the comedy of a lovable loser, but it’s without a doubt the clever monsters that they’ve built that are the real stars here. The production team has taken a common idea and displayed it in a unique, mirthful way. Plus, you can learn how to make them for yourself after you fall in love with one.

What Will It Cost? About 8 minutes.

Skip Work. Watch More Short Films.

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