SFotD: ‘The Devoured’ is Atmospheric Indie Horror That Deserves to Be Seen

By  · Published on February 8th, 2013

Why Watch? A young man convinced that his house is haunted approaches a businessman with a bizarre set of associates who claim they can get rid of any spirits that might be hanging around (and ruining his property value).

This short from Wes Palmer and Zach Bokhour gets a lot of mileage from its dialogue and the delivery, particularly from the dynamic crafted by the lead actors, Evan Sibley and Andrew Krupa. One is masking his desperation with a stinky cologne of pride, the other is all but bored with the situation even when he has everything to gain.

The camera work is also slick for an indie operation, and it blends with the score nicely to create a ghost story atmosphere where the unease stems from everywhere except the supernatural. There are some cobwebs that most likely come from a limited budget (McDonald’s for dinner?), but overall, it’s a very cool, highly effective ten minutes of tension.

What will it cost? Around 10 minutes.

Skip Work. Watch More Short Films.

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