SFotD: ‘Sweater’ Achieves a Green Screen Look Without the Green Screen

By  · Published on October 2nd, 2012

Why Watch? Instead of the all-too-common practice of placing actors in front of a big green screen and adding the image in a computer later on, the filmmakers behind the music video for Willow’s “Sweater,” decided to project their backgrounds on two walls and a floor in real-time. Doing so allowed them to create a magical sense of movement, letting the lead singer travel down city streets, weather a storm in a small boat and fall down a wormhole all without leaving the comfortable confines of a 10-or-so square foot area.

It’s not crisp and clean and perfect, but it’s not meant to be. However, I can’t shake the feeling that this is what playing a video game will look like in five years.

It’s lo-fi done to incredible effect from director Filip Sterckx, and huge kudos go to him and his crew. What’s even better? They have a behind-the-scenes look at how they created the video.

Hat tip to United By Photography for featuring the video and director Craig Brewer for tweeting about it.

What will it cost you? Only 4 minutes.

Skip work. Watch more short films.

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