SFotD: ‘So Pretty’ is an Anti-’Twilight’ Fan Film with Bite

By  · Published on November 9th, 2012

Why Watch? A young woman sleepwalks onto a midnight subway train rattling its way through a quiet city and curls up with “Twilight” for her third read of it. She’s a big fan, but a young man begins challenging the idea of changing the lore. What does it really mean to be cursed? Is being a vampire supposed to be so glamorous?

If you were a vampire hunting on the midnight train, which passenger would you feed on?

Al Loughner’s short isn’t just a flash in the pan trying to snake away some of the Twilight sparkle. It’s a smartly set up, gracefully executed conversation with a brutal reality at its core. It makes the argument against the de-fanging with flair while building an atmosphere of dread. Even though the climax is an obvious one, the reveal is done cleverly, and the production doesn’t shy away from showing the red stuff and a little bit of (ironically pretty) make-up work.

What will it cost you? Only 8 minutes.

Skip work. Watch more short films.

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