SFotD: ‘Premier Automne’ Features Stunning Animation at the Edge of Two Worlds

By  · Published on March 27th, 2013

Why Watch? The concept and blend of animation styles in this short film make it a mesmerizing watch. A boy living in a world of eternal winter and a girl living in a never-ending spring find each other and create the first autumn.

The use of the black background is a masterful element to the animation here because it allows the world to grow larger and larger with each story development. Plus, the balance of semi-realistic movement (for the little dogs), clean lines (the environments) and CGI-modeling (the boy and girl) create a kind of depth that works well with the somber poetry unfolding. It’s truly captivating work.

Hat tip to Short of the Week for featuring it.

What will it cost? Around 8 minutes.

Skip Work. Watch More Short Films.

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