SFotD: ‘Memorize’ Shows Off CGI Tricks in a Sci-Fi World Where You Record Everything You See

By  · Published on November 27th, 2012

Why Watch? In the near future, we’ve all been implanted with chips that constantly record everything we see. That could get kinky, but the police state in this short from Jimmy Eriksson and Eric Ramberg uses the videos to give definitive proof of crimes or get picture-perfect testimony from witnesses. When one agent tracks down a suspected killer, he’ll find out that the perfect system they have in place has a slight problem.

The sparse words are a bit clunky (as is some of the action choreography), but the reason to celebrate this one is the array of CGI tricks that the filmmakers (and their future) have in store. There’s a lot of slick-looking camera work and magic in the computer-generated visuals that could definitely come in handy for modern day police forces. If only there were some spare RC parts lying around…

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