SFotD: ‘Don’t Move’ is Gory Horror Frozen in Fear

By  · Published on April 15th, 2013

Why Watch? After their previous entries, the team at Bloody Cuts essentially has a standing invitation to be featured here. They consistently make high quality, intriguing horror work, and I hope sincerely that they make more than the promised thirteen movies they have planned. Don’t Move is their eighth, and it combines claustrophobia with hellacious creature design courtesy of Cliff Wallace (Hellraiser, 28 Days Later…) and Millennium FX.

Six friends get together for a game night that results in them unleashing a powerful entity that’s a lot like a T-Rex: it can only see you when you move, and it loves ripping vital body parts away from their owners.

The short itself plays out like a bottle episode of a television show with heightened parameters. Writer David Scullion and director Anthony Melton achingly squeeze out all the angst that comes along with watching characters unable to move, but there’s nothing inert about the plot as supposed friends use some clever tricks to get each other to shuffle off their mortal coil. There’s one cringe-worthy moment when one young woman lays out what we already know, but everything else is airtight, and the team must have had plenty of the red stuff on hand because they’re not afraid to let it fly.

Special kudos go out to that face-ripper of a final kill and to all the design work in service of a dangerous and exasperating horror concept. Whoever created that teeth-smacking, cheek-sucking sound effect for the demon deserves a special place in hell.

What Will It Cost? Around 11 minutes.

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