SFotD: ‘Blood Roulette’ Isn’t a Very Fun Game

By  · Published on April 23rd, 2013

This week we’re highlighting the films of Popcorn Horror’s Blood Games. Give it a watch, then head over to vote if you like it.

Why Watch? This low-budget short from Mark Callum is little more than a display of a nifty nail-through-the-hand effect. In it, four men sit around a table while one shuffles Styrofoam cups around. Once each has their own cup in front of them, they start slamming their hands down to see whose is empty and whose has a sharp surprise waiting on the other end.

Again, the marks of a limited budget are visible here, although what they lack in camera quality, they make up for in camera movement. The shots are interesting, but the drama is drawn a bit thin considering how generally uninteresting watching someone shuffle cups can be. What they get away with is cool, but it’s still a fairly bland platter to serve up a single idea, and while the ending comes as a shock, it does so by killing any tension the game itself can have.

What Will It Cost? About 4 minutes.

Skip Work. Watch More Short Films.

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