Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne Returning for Neighbors 2

By  · Published on February 6th, 2015

Universal Pictures

Literally every movie from 2014 that can have a sequel is going to have a sequel. (Except Lucy and The Babadook, both of which their respective creators have sworn against.) Just days after we heard about John Wick 2 (and just hours after we heard the aim is for multiple sequels there), The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Neighbors 2 is moving forward at Universal. It’s fast tracked, too, with shooting already set to begin in a few months.

It’s not a surprise given that Neighbors was a huge hit last year (deservedly so) and producer Evan Goldberg and star Seth Rogen acknowledged at the time that they were trying to make another one happen (Rogen’s comments here on the difficulty just to get the greenlight on the first one are worth reading). Both of those names are obviously on board for the sequel, as are Rose Byrne, Zac Efron, director Nicholas Stoller, producer James Weaver and screenwriters Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brien. For some reason there’s no mention of breakout co-star Dave Franco, but he better be attached, too.

The plot has already been revealed, and it’s “a female twist” on the premise of the original. This time it’s a sorority that moves next door to the couple played by Rogen and Byrne. And when another war begins with the young women, they recruit Efron (and hopefully at least Franco) to help them to victory. I’m optimistic that this is an excuse to bring in some more funny ladies to the ensemble, because Byrne is one of the highlights if not the best part of Neighbors, and of course her comedic talents are not rare nor a fluke, gender-wise. Lisa Kudrow and Carla Gallo have their moments, but especially on the collegiate level the female character ratio was disappointing.

So, who has an idea of which actress is the perfect female counterpart to Efron? And who likes my idea for a title: Neighbors II: Sorority Row. Because they get into a row with a sorority. Eh? Eh?

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