Sequel to Original ‘Wicker Man’ Starring Christopher Lee Burns On In Teaser Trailer

By  · Published on October 31st, 2010

We covered The Wicker Man earlier for 31 Days of Horror, and we consider it a public service to those who may believe that the Nic Cage bad-fest was the original incarnation of the story.

However, to make matters more confusing, someone out there has decided to make a sequel to the original (and not a sequel to The Wicker Bees). We repeat: this is a sequel to the original Christopher Lee, sex-crazed, flower child fear of the 70s. It is not Nic Cage trying to make a sequel to a movie no on liked.

Now with even more Christopher Lee, but probably with less of his hair.

The Wicker Tree tells the story of Christian missionaries who are brought into the warm bosom of a UK village that absolutely doesn’t want to here about Jesus. They’re friendly though, so they’ll put up with a little proselytizing while they get the ritualistic murder device ready.

It’s important because it sees Robin Hardy and Christopher Lee returning to their roots and to a film that stands out as a horror icon. It’s difficult to praise it while trashing other decades-later sequels though. The film will have to struggle in order to find relevance all these years later, and will also have difficulty getting Britt Eckland to go topless again.

What do you think?

Source: Bloody D

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