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A Sequel to ‘Enchanted’ is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Get ready to sing the Happy Working Song all over again. 
Enchanted - Amy Adams
By  · Published on January 15th, 2018

Get ready to sing the Happy Working Song all over again.

Director Adam Shankman was at a Television Critics Association panel over the weekend talking about a YouTube Red series he is putting together called Step Up: High Water that is based on the Step Up films. That isn’t the most interesting news about the panel though. Slashfilm is reporting that he talked about the script for Enchanted 2. He is in position to direct the feature which they now are calling Disenchanted.

Shankman said, “We are handing in a script in a couple weeks that I’m super happy with. Then gotta get the music written.” Apparently, Disenchanted has been in development for 2010. That’s an awful long time to put something together considering the last entry came out in 2007. The film launched Amy Adams to international stardom and was nominated for numerous Oscars. Adams would be reprising her role as Gisele, who is now becoming less enamored with the human world. That remains the direction of the movie even thus far in development. “The fundamental story has changed a little bit, but not from the base story of it,” Shankman said. “It’s about Giselle 10 years later going, ‘What is happily ever after?’”

There will be a lot of new songs for the sequel as well. The previous movie had five songs, but Shankman expects to be more this go around. And like Mary Poppins, Enchanted mixed animation and live-action in the story and there will likely be that mixed medium this time around as well. Disney has been doing a lot more sequels these days, which isn’t surprising given the investment in success is less than a new property. Disenchanted likely won’t be ready until the end of 2019 at the earliest.

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