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Belfast Movies True Story

The Real Story Behind Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Belfast’


The award-winning film is based on the years before Branagh’s family fled Northern Ireland amidst the violence known as the Troubles.

The River Jean Renoir

The Soft-Spoken Coming of Age Splendor of Jean Renoir’s ‘The River’


Technicolor growing pains, soft-spoken narration, and a commanding feminist point of view. Here’s a look at what makes Renoir’s first color feature so great.

Craig and de Armas in No Time To Die

‘No Time to Die’ Says Bye to Bond with Big Action and Bigger Emotion


Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond comes to a fitting end.

Best Supporting Actors Tiff

6 Scene-Stealing Performances at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival

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Where’d that scene go? Somebody stole it! Quick! Call the cops!

Henry Golding in Snake Eyes

Beyond Henry Golding’s Romantic Versatility


His pulsating charisma coupled with a sustained retention of mega mainstream currency is a match made in movie heaven.

two devils in The Many Saints Of Newark

‘The Many Saints of Newark’ is a Solid Mobster Film


Whether you’re a fan of The Sopranos or not, this is a solid tale of mobsters and morality.

unconventional love in Im Your Man

TIFF 2021: ‘I’m Your Man’ is Positively Loveable


Are we human or are we Dan Stevens the German-speaking love robot?

humans in The Humans

TIFF 2021: ‘The Humans’ is a Fantastically Acted if Redundant Debut


Finally, an A24 horror film about the terror of tension-riddled family gatherings.