Scarlett Johansson’s Breasts May Defy Gravity With Robert Downey Jr.

By  · Published on July 23rd, 2010

Because there’s no gravity in space, and Johansson’s next role may be in a science-fiction film set in outer space. See? It’s science, not smut.

The NY Daily News’ Gatecrasher blog is reporting that Johansson has “verbally agreed” to take on the primary lead role in Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming film, Gravity. (Verbal agreements mean very little in Hollywood, but we’ll roll with it for now.) The second lead has already been cast with Johansson’s Iron Man 2 co-star, Robert Downey Jr. Angelina Jolie was originally attached but dropped out for unknown reasons, although Gatecrasher states she left “when she learned she’d have to share screen time with a leading man.” Not sure why that would have been a problem necessarily as Jolie is currently filming The Tourist alongside Johnny Depp and has shared the screen previously with several leading men. So we’ll call bull on that one. Which probably means the entire story is bull. But damnit, it was still worth reporting for the headline alone.

Gravity is Cuaron’s eagerly awaited follow-up to his much-loved Children Of Men, but not much is known about it at this point. The Playlist reported last month that the film is going to be very CGI-heavy with substantial filming and effects being done at a UK-based special effects house called Framestore. The only real plot detail released (unless you’ve read the script floating around online) is that the story is “a contemporary survival thriller that follows a woman as she attempts to make her way back to earth after a satellite crash sets off a chain reaction of further crashes.”

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