Sarandon, Grace, Bell Attached to Comedy for Marti Noxon’s Directorial Debut

By  · Published on August 24th, 2011

Sarandon, Grace, Bell Attached to Comedy for Marti Noxon’s Directorial Debut

While talking about screenwriting methods with Marti Noxon on Reject Radio, she mentioned that by sticking to a few internal rules, she’d been able to make a solid name for herself and get to a point in her career where she could hop behind the director’s chair. Maybe we should all write those rules down.

It doesn’t have financing yet, but Noxon revealed that she had secured Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace and Kristen Bell for a “family comedy with a fantasy element” called Box City. She wouldn’t go into details – which is understandable considering the film is still in the gestation process, but she did mention that all the major roles were taken by the actors she envisioned while writing the script.

Sarandon is a legend, although her choices in the past ten years have ranged from small-scale brilliance to larger failures (despite elevating even the worst of the bunch). Grace and Bell are both young talents that still have a lot more to offer. At any rate, it’s nice to see Bell’s name attached to something that’s not an airhead’s romantic comedy. Plus, she’s a great match for Noxon’s style of witty banter (honed after many a season on Buffy). Hopefully this will find its financing so that we have something to look forward to while the Veronica Mars movie that won’t ever happen continues not to happen. Without more information, it’s tough to know how excited to get here, but the cast is a strong one, and Noxon has certainly got the skills to craft something sharp.

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