Saoirse Ronan Will Play ‘The Host’ For Stephenie Meyer And Andrew Niccol

By  · Published on May 3rd, 2011

Saoirse Ronan is an extremely talented actress which as is often the case means she’s also an extremely busy one. You can see her in theaters now as the title character in the teen assassin film Hanna, and later this year she’ll be book-ending that role alongside Carey Mulligan in the film Violet & Daisy, an independent drama about two teenage assassins who question their own morality when their latest target turns out to be a nice guy. Also in the mix is her rumored involvement in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit and Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina. Many people wanted her to land a role in the Hunger Games adaption, but the news on that film’s casting has been incredibly sparse and any real hope has faded. But she appears to have her eyes on another popular book for young adults…

Per Deadline Wackoville, Ronan has signed on to star in an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s only non-Twilight novel, The Host. The story is about a young girl named Melanie Stryder living in a world where alien invaders called Souls routinely take control of human hosts to erase their memories and turn them into worker bees. Wanderer, the Soul assigned to Melanie, attempts to wipe her mind but it discovers an inner strength that’s both impressive and intriguing. Wanderer’s newfound interest in this particular human leads to some surprising discoveries for them both. Interestingly, Ronan will apparently be playing the roles of Melanie and Wanderer.

Andrew Niccol has completed a script for the film, but while he was initially set to direct that may no longer be the case. A script by Niccol can go either way as his range varies. He wrote The Truman Show, which is fantastic, but he also wrote S1mone… which is not. There’s no start date yet for filming, but that should change shortly.

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