Sacha Baron Cohen Protests Himself on the Set of ‘The Dictator’

By  · Published on July 18th, 2011

What’s maybe most fascinating about Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest movie is that he won’t be playing himself via one of the characters he created for his television show, and he won’t be acting alongside people that don’t know what kind of movie they’re in. It’s a welcome change because even with its successes, the schtick had a shelf life, and Cohen is smart to move away from it before it got completely stale.

The natural next step for him and director Larry Charles? Basing a narrative feature off a novel written by Saddam Hussein.

They’ll be mocking Hussein in The Dictator, and a few clips from the set have already come out, but this is the first one that’s any fun to watch. At first, it’s a little jarring because the mind wants to see that crowd as a group protesting something legitimately that Cohen has wormed his way into instead of a set full of extras. It’s still a fun, quick little look into the film as Cohen protests himself.

What are you protesting?

Source: Dictator Movie

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