Rumor: Solo ‘Wonder Woman’ Films Are Going on a History-Hopping Journey

By  · Published on October 31st, 2014


We may not have entered the golden age of superheroines just yet – is this the Bronze Age? Iron? Cubic Zirconia? – but things are certainly looking much brighter than they ever have before. Earlier this week, Marvel announced its standalone Captain Marvel film (hurray, Carol Danvers!) and now word is eking out about what we can expect to see from DC’s own head superheroine, Wonder Woman.

We already know more about Wonder Woman (Diana Prince if you’re into concealing identities) and her role in the DC universe than we know about Captain Marvel and the respective MCU, including who will play her (Gal Gadot) and when she’ll first appear (she’s the third lead in Batman v Superman: The Justice is Coming), but that still leaves a lot to learn, including what we can expect from her planned solo film, arriving after Batman and Superman presumably bash each other’s heads in while WW sighs dismissively and then does something cool over on the side.

And yet! Over at Bleeding Cool, the outlet reports a bevy of information about not just the first Wonder Woman feature, but subsequent follow-ups. It’s a franchise! It’s into time-jumping! It’s history-y! It’s, well, it’s kind of brilliant.

The outlet shares – thanks to reported sources who have seen the greenlit treatment of the first solo Wonder Woman feature (not the script, we will note) – that the film “will spend the first half on Paradise Island with warring Amazon factions vying for control.” Normal so far. “An arrival of a man on the island changes that status quo, as he asks the Amazons for help. Not necessarily Steve Trevor either…” Okay, still in line with traditional mythos (though why wouldn’t it be Steve Trevor?). But then! “Because when Wonder Woman joins him on his return to the world of Man, we all discover that it is the 1920s. And the film will then show Diana exploring that world – a world where women have only just got the vote – from her…unique perspective.” Ohh.

What does that all mean? That the first solo Wonder Woman film is about equality and about WW’s struggle to marry her decidedly female-centric beliefs with a world that barely acknowledges the fairer sex’s importance and existence. We imagine this will not go very smoothly, and hopefully everyone will emerge with a stronger sense of equality and the importance of feminism in the modern world.

Additionally, “a planned sequel would then take place during World War II in the thirties and forties” and “a threequel would then take place in the modern day, with the Justice League Of America.”

As is often the case with comic books that have been around for as long as WW has (the first Wonder Woman comic arrived in 1942, after WW herself popped up in a 1941 All Star Comics edition), her backstory and origin have been changed often and significantly over time. However, the original WW stories hooked the character up pretty firmly with World War II (in those stories, Diana Prince was a real person who WW traded identities with, and Diana was originally a WWII nurse, so WW became a nurse), so if this plan is true, those nods to that time period are in keeping with tradition (and also a nice way to please fans while moving the story forward).

Oh, and it also means we’re getting three Wonder Woman films. All hail the Cubic Zirconia Age!

As a reminder, this is what Wonder Woman will look like in Batman v Superman: It’s Getting Justice-y in Here:

Zack Snyder / Warner Bros.

Kinda timeless, right? I mean, leather is timeless. Sort of.

Batman v Superman: U Mad, Bro? will arrive on March 25, 2015. The first solo Wonder Woman film is expected in 2017.

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