Rumor: ‘Justice League’ Plot Might Involve a Darkseid Rising

By  · Published on December 14th, 2012

The fine folks over at Latino-Review, who are either doing a stellar job of reporting or leading every movie fan down the garden path, have announced that an inside source has revealed the plot to Justice League will come from a comic source familiar to readers.

They proclaimed earlier that Darkseid would be the big bad for the flick, and now the word is that writer Will Beall will draw from the 1980 issues #183–185 to craft the tale for the moving picture.

The plot for the three comics from Gerry Conway sees Darkseid (an absurdly powerful being from another planet) attempting to replace Earth with his home world without finding a proper place to relocate the place we all live.

In a way, this is a no-brainer. If Darkseid is indeed the villain, “Crisis On New Genesis,” “Apokolips Now” and “Darkseid Rising” all provide a world-threatening synopsis that will absolutely be suitable for a large-budget superhero team-up. They’ve gotten themselves a legitimate, canonized reason to copy the final 30-minute battle in The Avengers.

And, again, if this rumor is true, the issues will be providing inspiration and context for Beall – meaning he may not be slavishly adhering to them. Most likely, he won’t, but isn’t it great that they found an issue to adapt that almost rhymes with the last Christopher Nolan Batman movie? The marketing really does write itself.

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