Rubber Guillotine Cuts Through Teenage Angst

By  · Published on January 16th, 2017

Short of the Day

A micro short about determining what you want from life.

This is the first ever micro short – a film that clocks in at one minute or less – we’ve ever selected for Short of the Day, and my oh my what an inaugural film it is. Entitled Rubber Guillotine (which would make a great band name) it comes from writer-director Bryan M. Ferguson and stars Louise McWilliams as a rebellious teen who, like most, doesn’t give her shit what her parents want for her future, she’s got her own ideas in mind, namely donating her skeleton so it might be used to create gelatin.

You know, Jello.

A frenetic conversation piece, Rubber Guillotine is delightfully defiant and unabashedly unique. Ferguson is obviously a talented storyteller and filmmaker, as he manages to pack a lot of memorable punch into such a small timeframe, and McWilliams is a goddamn pint-size powerhouse who doesn’t just command the film, she grabs it by the throat and drags it around like some puppy-eyed inamorato.

You’ve got a minute today to watch Rubber Guillotine, and if you don’t, find it anyway, it’s a film worth every single one of its seconds.

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