Roger Ebert: Film Critic, Historian, and… Blogger?!

Roger Ebert has had a rough time with health issues lately, and while he might be laid up with a broken hip, it hasn’t stopped him from entering the wild and wacky world of blogging.
By  · Published on April 24th, 2008

Roger Ebert has apparently launched his own blog recently, although it’s a bit old-fashioned. Apparently he writes his entries down on on a legal pad, and then his web editor enters them into his blog, which is housed over at the Chicago Sun-Times, where he’s been working since 1967. He quietly started blogging on Monday in an entry about Arthur C. Clarke and the Cinemania CD-ROM.

I know most people have either love Roger Ebert, or they hate him, but the guy knows more about film than almost anyone. If you haven’t purchased the Citizen Kane DVD (which you should be exiled for anyhow), then you should pick it up and check out his commentary track. He talks non-stop and genuinely has a love for the film and makes every facet incredibly interesting. Whereas the other commentary track, by Peter Bogdanovich, is filled with the tired wheezing of a blowhard.

Although he only has two entries up, you might want to think about bookmarking this sucker or subscribing to it, because whether you love or hate the guy, he literally drips cinematic history, and you might learn something in the process. I still remember yelling at the television when I was a kid and I didn’t agree with him, but I still respect the guy. He’s had a slew of health problems over the past two years, and here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.

Roger Ebert and I give this post two thumbs up. As far as my haircut goes… he panned it.

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