Robert Rodriguez Producing Predator Re-Up

Trouble Maker Studios is heading up a reboot, and there might be more than one predator hunting us. Figure that one out.
By  · Published on January 29th, 2009

When I read the headline from Bloody Disgusting that ” ‘Predator’ Reboot in Serious Trouble,” I thought two things. One, there’s a Predator reboot? Two, it’s in trouble? Maybe me not knowing about it (as I know all things) was a sign of that trouble.

However, it looks like the only trouble is for people who don’t want to see the film remade.

According to the report, Trouble Maker Studios, headed by Robert Rodriguez, will be producing the film on behalf of Fox. This from a “reliable source,” for whatever that’s worth.

Also according to this reliable source, the film might just include more than one Predator:

In the reboot a team of commandoes {sic} face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters.

I love the original film – and the sequel – and this seems to miss the entire point to me. The Predator doesn’t NEED more than himself. He’s a badass. He takes out teams of soldiers on his own while checking his watch and wondering if he left the oven on back at his home on another planet. We are little pink gnats to him.

This concept is the equivalent of having more than one Boba Fett in Empire just because he’s so bad ass. So maybe there is trouble after all.

What do you think? Why remake it in the first place? Why have more than one?

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