Robert Pattinson Angles to Play Jeff Buckley

By  · Published on January 28th, 2011

There’s nothing all that glamorous about Jeff Buckley’s life. By all accounts, it was tough-to-average until he started getting his foot into the recording world’s door. He put out a strong, dynamic album called “Grace,” but he died in a drowning accident at the too-young age of 30.

Buckley is a great target for a biopic – sort of a grungier version of The Glenn Miller Story without the uniform or as many pawn shops – and according to the Daily Express, Robert Pattinson wants the role. They have an insider quoted as calling it to the bleachers on behalf of Pattinson, but no comment directly from the actor, so it’s all questionable. Still, it’s bound to be a fascinating role to play – even if the article seems to overplay the Oscar possibilities here.

So will Pattinson get the role? It’s unclear. The Express also calls out James Franco, James Marsden, Ryan Gosling and perpexingly Johnny Depp (who is aged out of this role more than Jon Hamm from Superman). It all depends on the interest level from those and other actors, because all of them have more cache to be cast. On the other hand, the resemblance between Pattinson and Buckley isn’t a passing one.

Again, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, not only because it’s early on in the process, but because there are several elements of the story that seem grandly un-authoritative.

The ultimate thing is that someone out there (specifically The Rocker writer Ryan Jaffe and Finding Neverland Executive Producer Michelle Sy) that has faith in Jeff Buckley as a biographical subject.

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