Rest Easy, Paul McCartney’s Talking Squirrel Movie Is Finally Getting Made

By  · Published on September 30th, 2013

It’s a good day to be a squirrel. First comes the trailer for The Nut Job, and now the news that the squirrel-centric children’s book “High in the Clouds” is being adapted into a feature film. Of course, squirrels can’t actually watch movies, read news on the internet, or even understand the concept of language, but I’m sure they’d be pleased were it explained to them in squirrel terms.

But “High in the Clouds” is no ordinary children’s book. It’s one written by Sir Paul McCartney; formed Beatle and current writer of books about squirrels. The story will feature a squirrel on a journey to find Animalia, a legendary animal sanctuary. But the story’s not really what’s important – what’s important is McCartney’s involvement, and that he’ll be writing several songs for the film. That’s all but guaranteed to be the big selling point for High in the Clouds.

The film will be directed by Tony Bancroft (who made Mulan back the ’90s, and very little since), and written by Josh Klausner (Shrek Forever After). Variety reports that High in the Clouds is shooting for a 2015 release in 3D, and that McCartney describes the film as a “passion project,” because for some reason celebrities always become very passionate about writing children’s books later in their careers. At least the squirrels will be pleased.